China Good quality External Hanging CHINAMFG Folding Camping Table Motorhome Outdoor Picnic Table 800*450mm vacuum pump ac

Product Description

Product Description

MAYGOOD MG09PTAluminum external picnic table is a stunning design for outdoor use, especially for picnics, camping trips, or other recreational activities when you drive your motorhome. It’s suitable for any caravan, motorhome, travel trailer, and modified car. Why not just take action and install this functional folding dining table on your vehicles?

* Material: The table is constructed primarily of high-quality aluminum alloy, which offers durability, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance.

* Folding Design: The table is designed with a telescopic support rod to fold up compactly to save space

* Stability and Load Capacity: The maximum loading capacity of this folding picnic table is 25kg, which is perfect for holding food, drinks, and other items. 

* Easy to Clean: CHINAMFG surfaces are relatively easy to clean, making it convenient to wipe off spills or dirt from the picnic table. This feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor settings where messes are common.

* Weather Resistance: CHINAMFG is known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use. An aluminum folding picnic table can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other weather elements.


Our Service

1. OEM Manufacturing welcomes Products, packages, etc.
2. Sample order

3. Quick response-We will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

4. We will track the product for you every 2 days until you receive the product after shipping. When you receive the goods, test them, and give me feedback. If you have any questions about the problem, please contact us and we will provide you with a solution.

Our Advantage 

1-Factory Management
MAYGOOD has advanced imported equipment and a Factory Management system that Can Guarantee Our Factory Work Efficiently.

2-Quality Safety Reliability
We have strict quality control and have passed Quality Management System Certificate 

3-Excellent Team
Quality guaranteed-100% customer satisfaction
Excellent after-sale service-12-month factory warranty

4-Export Experience
With more than 15 Years of exporting experience, our products have been exported to major foreign markets including North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, etc

5-Competitive Price
High quality guaranteed and competitive factory price

    Product Parameters

    Ser. Ordering Size
    Overall Size
    1 500X300 500X300
    2 500X400 500X400
    3 600X400 600X400
    4 600X450 600X450
    5 600X500 600X500
    6 700X400 700X400
    7 700X450 700X450
    8 700X500 700X500
    9 800X400 800X400
    10 800X450 800X450
    11 800X500 800X500
    12 900X400 900X400
    13 900X450 900X450
    14 900X500 900X500
    15 1000X450 1000X450
    16 1000X500 1000X500
    Other Sizes can be made as requested.

      W/H: width/height of the table’s overall size, unit: mm

      Installation Effect

      MG09PT Picnic Table Open

      MG09PT Picnic Table Close

      M F


      CHINAMFG Products


      Q: Can we accept a sample order?
      A: Yes, Samples are always acceptable for checking quality before your bulk orders. 

      Q. Can you produce according to the samples?
      A: Yes, we can produce your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures. Normally the sample production is about 3-7 business days.

      Q: Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
      A: We are a company integrating industry and trade. All of our products are made in our own factory.

      Q. What are your terms of payment?
      A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. L/C at the sight and other payment terms can be negotiated with us. We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

      Q. What are your terms of delivery?
      A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU and etc.

      Q. How about your delivery time?
      A: Generally, it needs 3-5 days if there is in stock. No stock, production time is about 10-15 days according to your order quantity. For FCL or bulk orders, it may need 25-45 days depending on the products you order.

      Q. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
      A: Yes, we have strict quality control and our QC team does tests before shipping. 

      Q: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
      A: We keep good quality and competitive prices to ensure our customer’s benefit. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them no matter where they come from.


      Company Profile

      ZheJiang Maygood RV Accessories Co., Ltd, was established in 2008, it has been dedicated to designing, developing, producing, and supplying RV accessories for the RV industry globally for over 14 years. And it is 1 of the early professional and leading manufacturers of RV body parts in China. Our product range covers RV windows, entry doors, roof skylights, roof vents, access doors, picnic tables, water tanks, steps, air vents, etc.

      Our company occupies an area of 20000 square CHINAMFG with standard plants covering 7000 square CHINAMFG and employs more than 100 staff. It is committed to customer satisfaction through manufacturing and innovating products to the highest level. With our rich experience in this industry, our goods have obtained a good reputation from clients all over the world. Currently, our main overseas markets are West Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, etc. We are proud that we have an effective working team of quality control and new product development, which allows our client to renew their ranges to expand their markets. We are willing to cooperate with fellow traders to develop parts and components related to recreational vehicles.

      Welcome to visit our factory. If you have any questions or need any further information regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.




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      Material: Aluminum Alloy
      Style: Modern
      Kind: Dining Table


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      Shipping Cost:

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      Payment Method:


      Initial Payment

      Full Payment
      Currency: US$
      Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

      oudoor furniture

      Where can I get advice on choosing the right height for an aluminium foldable table?

      If you need advice on choosing the right height for an aluminium foldable table, here’s a detailed explanation:

      1. Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

      – The manufacturer of the aluminium foldable table is a good starting point for obtaining advice on choosing the right height. Check the product description or packaging for any specific recommendations or guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

      – Manufacturers often consider the intended use and ergonomic factors when determining the appropriate height for their tables. They may provide information on the recommended height range based on standard measurements or industry standards.

      2. Retailers and Sellers:

      – Retailers or sellers of aluminium foldable tables can also offer advice on choosing the right height. Visit their websites or physical stores and consult with their sales representatives or customer service teams. They can provide insights based on their knowledge of the products they offer.

      – Describe your specific needs and use cases to the retailer or seller, and they can guide you in selecting a table height that suits your requirements. They may have experience with customer feedback or recommendations that can help inform your decision.

      3. Online Furniture Guides and Resources:

      – Explore online furniture guides and resources that provide information on selecting the right height for various types of tables, including aluminium foldable tables. These guides often discuss ergonomic considerations, industry standards, and common height ranges for different purposes.

      – Look for reputable websites or blogs that specialize in furniture or interior design. They may have articles or guides specifically addressing table height selection, taking into account factors such as the intended use, user comfort, and compatibility with seating options.

      4. Interior Design Professionals:

      – If you’re seeking more personalized advice or have specific requirements related to your space or design scheme, consider consulting with an interior design professional. Interior designers have expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, including selecting appropriate furniture heights.

      – An interior designer can evaluate your space, consider your specific needs and preferences, and provide tailored recommendations for the height of your aluminium foldable table. They can take into account factors such as the overall design aesthetic, the intended use of the table, and the dimensions of the surrounding furniture or seating.

      5. User Reviews and Recommendations:

      – User reviews and recommendations can also offer valuable insights into choosing the right height for an aluminium foldable table. Look for reviews from customers who have similar needs or use cases as yours.

      – Online marketplaces or websites that allow customers to provide feedback and ratings may have sections where users share their experiences and mention the suitability of the table height. Reading these reviews can help you understand how different height options have worked for others and make an informed decision.

      By considering the manufacturer’s recommendations, consulting with retailers or sellers, exploring online furniture guides, seeking advice from interior design professionals, and reading user reviews, you can gather valuable advice on choosing the right height for your aluminium foldable table.

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      Can I get recommendations for aluminium foldable tables with adjustable leg heights?

      If you are looking for recommendations for aluminium foldable tables with adjustable leg heights, here are some options to consider:

      1. Lifetime Adjustable Height Folding Table:

      – The Lifetime Adjustable Height Folding Table is a popular choice that offers adjustable leg heights to accommodate different needs. It features a durable aluminum frame and a high-density polyethylene tabletop.

      – This table offers three adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize it to your preferred height or use it for various purposes. The leg height can typically be adjusted in 1-inch increments.

      2. CampLand Adjustable Height Aluminum Camping Table:

      – The CampLand Adjustable Height Aluminum Camping Table is designed specifically for outdoor use and offers adjustable leg heights. It features a sturdy aluminum frame and a heat-resistant MDF tabletop.

      – This table offers three adjustable height options, making it versatile for different activities and terrains. The leg height can be easily adjusted using the built-in locking mechanism.

      3. Coleman Compact Folding Table:

      – The Coleman Compact Folding Table is a lightweight and portable option that includes adjustable leg heights. It is made of aluminum and features a compact design suitable for camping, picnics, or other outdoor activities.

      – This table offers two adjustable height settings, allowing you to use it at a standard dining height or a lower height for activities like sitting on the ground. The leg height can be easily adjusted using the telescoping legs.

      4. Outry Lightweight Folding Table:

      – The Outry Lightweight Folding Table is a compact and lightweight option with adjustable leg heights. It is constructed with an aluminum alloy frame and a durable Oxford fabric tabletop.

      – This table offers three adjustable height options, providing flexibility for different seating preferences or ground conditions. The leg height can be adjusted using the telescoping legs and secured with the locking mechanism.

      5. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table:

      – The Trekology Portable Camping Side Table is a small and lightweight table that offers adjustable leg heights. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and features a collapsible design for easy transportation.

      – This table offers two adjustable height settings, allowing you to use it as a side table or a lower coffee table. The leg height can be adjusted by extending or retracting the legs and securing them with the locking mechanism.

      When choosing an aluminium foldable table with adjustable leg heights, consider factors such as the intended use, desired height range, durability, and portability. It’s also a good idea to read customer reviews and compare features to find the table that best fits your needs.

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      Where can I buy a reliable and durable aluminium foldable table for outdoor events?

      If you’re looking to buy a reliable and durable aluminium foldable table for outdoor events, here’s a detailed explanation:

      There are several places where you can find and purchase a reliable and durable aluminium foldable table for outdoor events. Here are some options to consider:

      1. Outdoor Retailers:

      – Visit outdoor retailers or stores specializing in camping, outdoor equipment, or event supplies. These retailers often carry a variety of foldable tables designed specifically for outdoor use. Look for reputable brands known for their quality and durability. The advantage of purchasing from outdoor retailers is that they typically stock products that are specifically designed for rugged outdoor conditions.

      2. Home Improvement Stores:

      – Check home improvement stores that have dedicated outdoor sections. These stores often carry a range of outdoor furniture and accessories, including foldable tables. Look for the outdoor furniture department or the patio and garden section. Home improvement stores offer a variety of options and may stock tables suitable for events and gatherings.

      3. Online Marketplaces:

      – Explore online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. These platforms have a wide selection of products, including aluminium foldable tables for outdoor events. Read product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings to assess the reliability and durability of the tables. Look for tables that have positive feedback and high ratings from customers who have used them for similar purposes.

      4. Specialty Event Equipment Suppliers:

      – Consider specialty event equipment suppliers or rental companies that cater to event planners or individuals hosting outdoor events. These suppliers often have a range of folding tables designed specifically for events and gatherings. While some suppliers may focus on rentals, they may also offer tables for sale. Check their websites or contact them directly to inquire about purchasing options.

      5. Directly from Manufacturers:

      – Visit the websites of manufacturers that specialize in outdoor furniture or event equipment. Some manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers, allowing you to purchase the aluminium foldable table directly from the source. Check if they have an online store or contact them for information on purchasing their products.

      When buying a reliable and durable aluminium foldable table for outdoor events, it’s important to consider factors such as the table’s weight capacity, sturdiness, weather resistance, and ease of folding and transportation. Read product specifications, customer reviews, and any warranty information provided by the manufacturer to make an informed decision.

      Additionally, compare prices across different sellers or platforms to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Consider any additional features or accessories that may be included with the table, such as adjustable height or carrying cases, as these can add convenience and functionality to your outdoor events.

      By exploring these options, you can find a reliable and durable aluminium foldable table that meets your needs and provides a convenient and sturdy surface for your outdoor events.

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