China best 22kw 8bar Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor Made in China lowes air compressor

Product Description

Quick Details  
Condition:  New Brand Name: KEEPWIN Motor speed 2950rpm  
Power Source:   AC power Model: KP-LR-30S Motor power 30KW /40HP  
Type:  Screw Compressor Voltage: 220V/380V/400V/415V/440V/ 600V/660V,etc Suitable Medium Air  
Configuration  Stationary/ Skid Air Delivery 6.4m3/min (226cfm/min) Insulation Class F  
Noise 78dB Inlet Pressure Atmosphere Color Customized is accepted  
Lubrication Style: Oil Lubricate Working Pressure 8bar Temperature rise;  Class B  
Drive Mode Direct Drive Weight: 1080kgs Diameter of outlet G 1″  
After-sales Service Engineers available to service overseas Cooling method air cooling Enviroment temprature -5~+45ºC  
OEM: Welcomed Dimension 1650*880*1280mm Warranty  12 Months  
Package:According to the customer’s requirements to customize OEM or ODM products. And in order to let our customer to receive the whole good quality products, we packed all of the goods by polywood case free for them.   
Energy Saving Analysis of Two Stage Screw Compressor

Power range: 20Hp ~ 600Hp
Customize Working Pressure: 6-16Bar
Normal working pressure: 7bar/8bar/10bar/13bar

*The fisrt time compressed air go through fuel injection cooling,after lowered the 2 stage suction temperature,do the second same pressure compression.   
*Two stage compressor using the same pressure ratio to set the air end space pressure. So each stage compression ratio is less than CHINAMFG compression ratio.The amount of the backflow leakage between the rotors is greatly reduced, and the volumetric efficiency and the adiabatic efficiency are greatly improved                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *Under the same power, the 2 stage compressor compressed air is more 15% higer than CHINAMFG compressor, and can achieve up to 15% energy saving.

Nine Hihglight points for Keepwin’s Screw Compressor 

1. Intelligent microcomputer control system, controller has the remind & record function, show the compressor operation situation clearly
2. Superior components, low maintenance cost
3.Germany OPTI belt, easy for replace, and ensure the product quality
4. Oversize air-end, low rpm, no overheat problem
5. IP54/IP55 high quality motor, CHINAMFG bearing, Class F level insulation; Class BTemperature rise; 
6. Discharge temperature= Ambient temperature+15ºC, with cooling/ventilation system tailor made to the same local hot-humid climatic condition, NO OVERHEATING ON CONTINUOUS 100% LOAD IS GUARANTEED!
7.Top door is locking design, easy to open to clean the cooler and fan 
8.Compressor is filled with lubrication oil before delivering, you can operate it after installed and powered on. Once it run 500hours to change the new air filter and oil filter was set for first maintenance, then normally change them with 2000-3000hours for once maintenance replacing new one.
9. Phase reversal protection, current overload protection, pressure protection, overheat protection

COMPRESSOR Picture Model &Name Motor Air End type Working Pressure/  Air Delivery Power Power consumption compare & calculation
KP-LD-22 Normal screw compressor (single stage air end) Normal motor Single stage air end 8bar  3.3m3/min 22KW “=22KW*10h*360days*0.2 usd 
KP-LDV-22 Inverter screw compressor  Inverter/Frequency motor Single stage air end 8bar  0.6-3.3m3/min 22KW “=22KW*10h*360days*0.2 usd*15%
 KP-LR-18.5 Two Stage screw compressor
 (two stage air end)
Normal motor Two stage air end 8bar  3.3m3/min 18.5KW =18.5KW*10h*360days*0.2 usd
Above calculation was based the normal working 10hours everyday ,total worked for 360days in a year, and example for the power electric charge is USD$0.2/KW.h ( please you can change to your local correct power electric charge;)
1. SLD-22  Normal screw compressor  =22KW*10h*360days*$0.2 usd /KW.h=USD $15840.00
2.SLDV-22 Inverter CHINAMFG =22KW*10h*360days*$0.2 usd /KW.h*15%=USD $13464.00 (for frequency/inverter CHINAMFG can save at least 15% power consumption than normal screw compressor)
3. SLR-18.5 Two Stage CHINAMFG =18.5KW*10h*360days*$0.2 usd /KW.h=USD $13320.00


Technical Parameter (Two Stage Screw Air Compressor)
 Model   Working Pressure F.A.D (Air Delivery) Motor Power Dimension  N.W  Connection
Bar Psi m3/min cfm KW HP  L×W×H(mm) KG  
KP-LR-15S 8 116 2.9 102 15 20 1150*800*1180 500 DN20
10 145 2.6 92
13 189 2.2 78
KP-LR-18.5S 8 116 3.3 117 18.5 25 1150*800*1180 700 DN25
10 145 3 106
13 189 2.6 92
KP-LR-22S 8 116 4.1 145 22 30 1650*880*1280 800 G1-1/2
10 145 3.5 124
13 189 3.2 113
KP-LR-30S 8 116 6.4 226 30 40 1650*880*1280 1080 G1-1/2
10 145 4.9 173
13 189 4.2 148
KP-LR-37S 8 116 7.1 251 37 50 2000*1260*1560 1380 G1-1/2
10 145 6.3 223
13 189 5.4 191
KP-LR-45S 8 116 9.7 343 45 60 2000*1260*1560 1980 G2″
10 145 7.8 276
13 189 6.5 230
KP-LR-55S 8 116 12.5 442 55 75 2100*1360*1660 2380 G2″
10 145 9.6 339
13 189 8.6 304
KP-LR-75S 8 116 16.5 583 75 100 2100*1360*1660 3200 G2″
10 145 12.5 442
13 189 11.2 396
KP-LR-90S 8 116 20 706 90 125 2550*1730*1918 3400 DN65
10 145 16.9 597
13 189 14 495
KP-LR-110S 8 116 23.5 830 110 150 2550*1730*1918 4500 DN80
10 145 20 706
13 189 17 600
KP-LR-132S 8 116 28 989 132 180 2855*1730*1918 4800 DN80
10 145 23.5 830
13 189 19.5 689
KP-LR-160S 8 116 33 1166 160 220 2855*1730*1918 6200 DN80
10 145 28 989
13 189 23 812
KP-LR-185S 8 116 38 1342 185 250 3200*1730*1918 6300 DN80
10 145 32.5 1148
13 189 27.5 971
KP-LR-200S 8 116 43 1519 200 280 3200*1730*1918 6500 DN100
10 145 38.5 1360
13 189 33 1166
KP-LR-220S 8 116 47 1660 220 300 4000*1730*1918 6850 DN125
10 145 41.5 1466
13 189 38 1342
KP-LR-250S 8 116 54 1907 250 340 4000*2120*2200 8100 DN125
10 145 45 1590
13 189 40 1413
KP-LR-280S 8 116 59 2084 280 380 4350*2050*2120 8500 DN125
10 145 53.5 1890
13 189 43.5 1537
KP-LR-315S 8 116 68 2403 315 420 4350*2050*2120 8600 DN125
10 145 62 2191
13 189 55 1943
KP-LR-355S 8 116 74 2615 355 480 4550*2150*2220 8800 DN125
10 145 68 2403
13 189 62 2191
*According to the standard of GB19153-2009     *Compressor Stage: CHINAMFG Compression
*Standard Power Supply: 380V/50Hz/3ph           *Exhaust Temperature: Ambient Temperature +15ºC
*Configurated normal temperature type Air dryer,with Dew Point range: 3-10ºC;*Please contact us for any specification that is not within the above mentioned standard.
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We Consider Our Customers as Our Friends and Families, and We do Believe in the CHINAMFG Situation for Building up Long-Term Relationship. 
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    Provide innovative, stable products and services.
• Quality
    Deliver consistently superior performance and pursue every possible improvement. 
• Agility
    Identify emerging trends and act quickly to acquire new opportunities.
• Customer Satisfaction
    Anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.
• Warranty
Within 12 months since the customer used,or 18 months since shipped from factory, no matter which expires, we ensure that no defects for material and manufacturing.
According to the customer’s requirements to customize OEM or ODM products. And in order to let our customer to receive the whole good quality products, we packed all of the goods by polywood case free for them. 

Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: AC Power
Cylinder Position: Angular
Structure Type: Open Type
Installation Type: Stationary Type
US$ 5888/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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air compressor

Can air compressors be used for shipbuilding and maritime applications?

Air compressors are widely used in shipbuilding and maritime applications for a variety of tasks and operations. The maritime industry relies on compressed air for numerous essential functions. Here’s an overview of how air compressors are employed in shipbuilding and maritime applications:

1. Pneumatic Tools and Equipment:

Air compressors are extensively used to power pneumatic tools and equipment in shipbuilding and maritime operations. Pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches, drills, grinders, sanders, and chipping hammers require compressed air to function. The versatility and power provided by compressed air make it an ideal energy source for heavy-duty tasks, maintenance, and construction activities in shipyards and onboard vessels.

2. Painting and Surface Preparation:

Air compressors play a crucial role in painting and surface preparation during shipbuilding and maintenance. Compressed air is used to power air spray guns, sandblasting equipment, and other surface preparation tools. Compressed air provides the force necessary for efficient and uniform application of paints, coatings, and protective finishes, ensuring the durability and aesthetics of ship surfaces.

3. Pneumatic Actuation and Controls:

Air compressors are employed in pneumatic actuation and control systems onboard ships. Compressed air is used to operate pneumatic valves, actuators, and control devices that regulate the flow of fluids, control propulsion systems, and manage various shipboard processes. Pneumatic control systems offer reliability and safety advantages in maritime applications.

4. Air Start Systems:

In large marine engines, air compressors are used in air start systems. Compressed air is utilized to initiate the combustion process in the engine cylinders. The compressed air is injected into the cylinders to turn the engine’s crankshaft, enabling the ignition of fuel and starting the engine. Air start systems are commonly found in ship propulsion systems and power generation plants onboard vessels.

5. Pneumatic Conveying and Material Handling:

In shipbuilding and maritime operations, compressed air is used for pneumatic conveying and material handling. Compressed air is utilized to transport bulk materials, such as cement, sand, and grain, through pipelines or hoses. Pneumatic conveying systems enable efficient and controlled transfer of materials, facilitating construction, cargo loading, and unloading processes.

6. Air Conditioning and Ventilation:

Air compressors are involved in air conditioning and ventilation systems onboard ships. Compressed air powers air conditioning units, ventilation fans, and blowers, ensuring proper air circulation, cooling, and temperature control in various ship compartments, cabins, and machinery spaces. Compressed air-driven systems contribute to the comfort, safety, and operational efficiency of maritime environments.

These are just a few examples of how air compressors are utilized in shipbuilding and maritime applications. Compressed air’s versatility, reliability, and convenience make it an indispensable energy source for various tasks and systems in the maritime industry.

air compressor

How are air compressors utilized in pneumatic tools?

Air compressors play a crucial role in powering and operating pneumatic tools. Here’s a detailed explanation of how air compressors are utilized in pneumatic tools:

Power Source:

Pneumatic tools rely on compressed air as their power source. The air compressor generates and stores compressed air, which is then delivered to the pneumatic tool through a hose or piping system. The compressed air provides the force necessary for the tool to perform various tasks.

Air Pressure Regulation:

Air compressors are equipped with pressure regulation systems to control the output pressure of the compressed air. Different pneumatic tools require different air pressure levels to operate optimally. The air compressor’s pressure regulator allows users to adjust the output pressure according to the specific requirements of the pneumatic tool being used.

Air Volume and Flow:

Air compressors provide a continuous supply of compressed air, ensuring a consistent air volume and flow rate for pneumatic tools. The air volume is typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and determines the tool’s performance capabilities. Higher CFM ratings indicate that the pneumatic tool can deliver more power and operate at a faster rate.

Tool Actuation:

Pneumatic tools utilize compressed air to actuate their mechanical components. For example, an air-powered impact wrench uses compressed air to drive the tool’s internal hammer mechanism, generating high torque for fastening or loosening bolts and nuts. Similarly, air-powered drills, sanders, nail guns, and spray guns rely on compressed air to power their respective operations.


One of the significant advantages of pneumatic tools is their versatility, and air compressors enable this flexibility. A single air compressor can power a wide range of pneumatic tools, eliminating the need for separate power sources for each tool. This makes pneumatic tools a popular choice in various industries, such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, and woodworking.


Air compressors come in different sizes and configurations, offering varying degrees of portability. Smaller portable air compressors are commonly used in applications where mobility is essential, such as construction sites or remote locations. The portability of air compressors allows pneumatic tools to be used in various work environments without the constraints of being tethered to a fixed power source.

Overall, air compressors are integral to the functionality and operation of pneumatic tools. They provide the necessary power, air pressure regulation, and continuous airflow required for pneumatic tools to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently and effectively.

air compressor

In which industries are air compressors widely used?

Air compressors find extensive usage across various industries due to their versatility and ability to generate compressed air. Here are some industries where air compressors are widely employed:

1. Manufacturing: Air compressors are essential in manufacturing processes for powering pneumatic tools and equipment. They are used for tasks such as operating assembly lines, powering robotic machinery, running paint sprayers, and driving pneumatic actuators.

2. Construction: Air compressors play a crucial role in the construction industry. They power pneumatic tools like jackhammers, nail guns, impact wrenches, and concrete breakers. Compressed air is also used for concrete spraying, sandblasting, and operating air-powered lifts and hoists.

3. Automotive: Air compressors are widely used in automotive manufacturing and repair. They power air tools used in auto body shops, tire inflation equipment, pneumatic lifts, and air-operated brake systems. Compressed air is also utilized in vehicle painting and drying processes.

4. Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industry extensively relies on air compressors for various applications. They are used for pneumatic drilling, powering pneumatic tools in refineries and petrochemical plants, operating pneumatic valves and actuators, and providing instrument air for control systems.

5. Food and Beverage: Air compressors are employed in the food and beverage industry for tasks such as packaging, bottling, and sealing. They power pneumatic conveying systems, control air pressure in food processing equipment, and provide clean compressed air for food handling and storage.

6. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare: Air compressors find application in pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare facilities. They are used for operating medical equipment, such as ventilators and dental tools. Compressed air is also utilized in pharmaceutical processes, including tablet coating, fluid bed drying, and aseptic packaging.

7. Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies on air compressors for various applications, including aircraft maintenance and assembly. They power pneumatic tools for aircraft repair, provide compressed air for cleaning and pressurizing systems, and support ground operations, such as tire inflation and aircraft de-icing.

8. Mining: Air compressors are extensively used in the mining industry. They power pneumatic tools for drilling, rock blasting, and excavation. Compressed air is also utilized for ventilation, conveying materials, and operating underground equipment.

9. Energy and Utilities: Air compressors play a vital role in the energy and utilities sector. They are used in power generation plants for pneumatic control systems, instrument air, and operating pneumatic valves. Compressed air is also employed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

These are just a few examples of the industries where air compressors are widely utilized. The versatility and reliability of air compressors make them indispensable in numerous applications across diverse sectors.

China best 22kw 8bar Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor Made in China   lowes air compressorChina best 22kw 8bar Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor Made in China   lowes air compressor
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