China best Energy Saving Oil Free Water Lubricated Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor air compressor parts

Product Description

Product Description

Energy Saving Oil Free Water Lubricated Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor 

DHH CHINAMFG Factory, offer you high quality, good price screw type air compressors, welcome to contact with us for more information.

1. LCD/TOUCH Screen controller
2. VSD/MAGNET Frequency
3. Auto RESTART function
4. 100% Oil Free Screw Type Air Compressors available
Oil Free CHINAMFG (Mitsui Seiki Air End) 
1. Original Japan Mitsui Seiki air end 
2. Water Lubrication 
3. Oil free

Water lubrication oil free screw compressor

Top Compression Structure in the World —- Z Air End
High-tech crystal.
Widely used in the world.
” Z air end” is composed of 1 active rotor and 2 sets high-precision passive rotors, to achieve the characteristics of dynamic equilibrium, small vibration, low noise and long service life.    
Oil Free —-Totally Oil Free
ZREW oil free water lubrication screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that provides clean, pollution-free, 100% oil free screw air compressor, its zero emission can protect the environment efficiently 

Water —- Lubrication, Sealing and Cooling

Ideal isothermal compression
Low temperature compression
Low rotation speed
Low viscosity of lubrication water
 High efficiency (large air delivery)
 No need the intercooler and after cooler
 Low noise, low vibration and no need the overdrive gear
 Easy to be separated with the air

Technical Parameters:

Model Air Delivery (m3/min) Power (kW) Noise (Db) Outlet diameter Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg)
0.8Mpa 1.0Mpa 1.25Mpa Length Width Height
DHH7.5WS 0.35-1.15 0.30-1.02 0.24-0.81 7.5 58 3/4″ 800 800 1200 510
DHH11WS 0.54-1.55 0.45-1.32 0.35-1.01 11 60 3/4″ 1150 755 1340 620
DHH15WS 0.75-2.30 0.65-2.12 0.60-1.60 15 63 3/4″ 1150 755 1340 670
DHH18.5WS 0.90-3.10 0.90-2.62 0.60-2.10 18.5 65 1″ 1400 900 1450 730
DHH22WS 1.10-3.42 0.97-3.15 0.85-2.62 22 65 1″ 1400 900 1450 780
DHH30WS 1.55-5.05 1.26-4.20 1.10-3.18 30 67 1 1/4″ 1550 1150 1550 1150
DHH37WS 1.91-6.10 1.60-5.25 1.42-4.85 37 67 1 1/4″ 1550 1150 1550 1200
DHH45WS 2.50-7.60 1.91-6.15 1.70-5.65 45 68 2″ 1980 1300 1760 1490
DHH55WS 3.00-9.60 1.91-6.15 2.30-7.45 55 70 2″ 1980 1300 1760 1570
DHH75WS 3.95-13.00 3.40-11.42 3.00-9.85 75 73 2″ 2100 1600 1900 2250
DHH90WS 5.00-16.25 4.30-14.55 3.72-12.30 90 73 2 1/2″ 2400 1600 2000 3150
DHH110WS 6.00-19.25 5.07-16.80 4.65-15.15 110 78 2 1/2″ 3000 1700 2250 3150
DHH132WS 6.75-22.52 6.00-20.30 5.07-18.25 132 78 2 1/2″ 3000 1700 2250 3500
DHH160WS 8.50-28.11 7.60-24.50 6.70-22.15 160 80 DN80 2700 1800 2050 3900
DHH185WS 10.00-33.65 8.72-28.50 7.75-24.50 185 80 DN80 2700 1800 2050 4050
DHH200WS 11.20-36.63 9.68-32.75 9.20-27.50 200 80 DN100 2700 1800 2050 4200
DHH250WS 13.50-40.50 12.30-36.30 10.20-32.50 250 80 DN100 2700 1800 2050 4800


Oil Free —-Totally Oil Free:
Oil free water lubrication screw air compressor is a kind of compressor that provides clean, pollution-free, 100% oil free screw air compressor, its zero emission can protect the environment efficiently.

Water —- Lubrication, Sealing and Cooling:
Ideal isothermal compression     High efficiency (large air delivery)
Low temperature compression    No need the intercooler and after cooler
Low rotation speed             Low noise, low vibration and no need the overdrive gear
Low viscosity of lubrication water   Easy to be separated with the air
All stainless steel pipe : Simple ,non-corrosive,non-polluting,high reliablity

Single Stage Compression ,High Efficiency ,and Energy Saving ,and Easy Maintenance: Single stage compression makes the structure easy.Compression efficiency is higher than the 2 stage dry air compressor.Less consumable parts, easy to be disassembled, reduce the maintenance cost and time greatly.

Customer feedback

Company Profile

Dehaha Compressor was founded in 1996 with over 150 skilled employees and more than 25 R&D engineers’ teams.We focus on the research & develop, manufacture and energy-saving solutions of screw air compressor to create value for customers and society.

Dehaha opened to the world since 2015, and now we have a foreign trade department with more than dozens people, serving customers around the world 24 hours. We have sales representatives who can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French,and Russian which makes it easier for our clients from all over the world to interact and negotiate with our valued customers are over 130 countries. Germany Standard and 13 years exporting experience help us won more than 50 loyal overseas agents.

Dehaha continuously innovates product development and management to meet customers’ demand. The powerful enterprise culture and continuous innovation make CHINAMFG improved rapidly to reach the business principle “Energy Saving First, Mutual Value Shared”. The production line of CHINAMFG is consist of screw air compressor from 5.5KW to 550KW, oil free air compressor, portable air compressor, permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, high pressure air compressor and compressed air purification equipment, etc.

Dehaha mission is to be a world-renowned high-end brand, with sustainable development, constantly improving its own value and sharing it with our customers and staff. Committed to offer our customers a silent and energy-saving manufactured products.


Q1. Are you trading company or manufacture ?
A: We are professional manufacture of screw air compressor of ZheJiang , China, more than 24 years.

Q2. How long is the delivery time ?
A: For standard voltage ,15 working days. Non-standard ,please contact our sales.

Q3. What’s payment term ?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, and etc. Also we could accept USD, RMB, Euro and other currency.

Q4. How about your after-sales service ?
A: 1.Provide customers with installation and commissioning online instructions.
     2. Well-trained engineers available to overseas service.
     3.CHINAMFG agents and after service avaiable.arrange our engineers to help you training and installation.

Q5. How about your warranty?
A: One year for the whole machine and 2 years for screw air end, except consumable spare parts.

Q6. Do you have any certificate ?
A: Yes, per different customer’s market need ,we can offer CE ,ISO etc certificate.

Q7. What about the maintenance ?
A: First maintenance need to be done after 500Hours, and then every 2000-3000 hours to do the normal maintenance, and consider the actual environment.

Q8. How do you control quality ?
A: 1.The raw materials are strictly inspected
     2. Some key parts are imported from overseas
     3.Each compressor must pass at least 5 hours of continuous testing before leaving the factory.

Q9. Do you offer OEM service ?
A: Yes.Both OEM & ODM service can be accepted.

Q10.How long could your air compressor be used? contact-info.html
A: Generally, more than 10 years.

After-sales Service: Online Support
Warranty: 24 Months
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: AC Power
Cylinder Position: Angular


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Can Water-Lubricated Compressors Be Used in High-Pressure Applications?

Water-lubricated compressors can be used in high-pressure applications, but there are certain considerations and limitations to keep in mind. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Water-lubricated compressors are typically designed for lower to medium-pressure ranges. They are commonly used in applications where the required discharge pressure does not exceed a certain threshold, typically up to a few hundred pounds per square inch (psi). However, there are specialized water-lubricated compressors available that can handle higher pressures, depending on the specific design and construction.

The ability of a water-lubricated compressor to operate at high pressures depends on several factors:

  1. Compressor Design: The design and construction of the compressor play a crucial role in determining its maximum pressure rating. Compressors designed for high-pressure applications need to have robust components, such as reinforced casings, high-strength materials, and proper sealing mechanisms to withstand the elevated pressures. Special attention should be given to the design of the water-lubricated bearing system to ensure it can handle the increased loads and pressures.
  2. Water Supply and Cooling: High-pressure compressors generate more heat during the compression process, requiring efficient cooling mechanisms to maintain safe operating temperatures. Sufficient water supply and cooling capacity must be available to handle the increased heat load. Adequate flow rates, temperature control, and cooling methods, such as water jackets or external cooling systems, may be necessary to prevent overheating and ensure proper lubrication and cooling of the compressor components.
  3. Water Quality: The quality of the water used for lubrication becomes even more critical in high-pressure applications. Any impurities, contaminants, or minerals present in the water can cause increased wear, corrosion, or blockages, jeopardizing the compressor’s performance and reliability. Water treatment or filtration systems may be required to maintain the desired water quality and prevent damage to the compressor.
  4. Sealing and Leakage Control: As the pressure increases, it becomes more challenging to maintain effective sealing and prevent leakage in the compressor system. Proper sealing mechanisms, such as high-quality seals and gaskets, are essential to ensure minimal leakage and maintain the required pressure levels. Adequate monitoring and maintenance of the sealing components are necessary to prevent energy losses and ensure the compressor’s efficiency.

It’s worth noting that for extremely high-pressure applications, water-lubricated compressors may not be the most suitable choice. In such cases, alternative lubrication methods, such as oil or specialized lubricants, are often preferred to handle the extreme pressures and provide adequate lubrication and cooling.

When considering the use of water-lubricated compressors in high-pressure applications, it is crucial to consult with the compressor manufacturer or a qualified engineer to ensure that the chosen compressor model is specifically designed and rated for the desired pressure range. Proper installation, maintenance, and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the compressor in high-pressure conditions.

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Are There Regulations Governing the Use of Water-Lubricated Air Compressors?

When it comes to the use of water-lubricated air compressors, there are several regulations and standards that govern their operation and ensure compliance with safety, environmental, and performance requirements. Here’s a detailed explanation of the regulations related to water-lubricated air compressors:

1. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations:

OSHA is a regulatory agency in the United States that sets and enforces workplace safety and health standards. While OSHA does not have specific regulations solely dedicated to water-lubricated air compressors, they have general regulations that apply to all types of air compressors. These regulations include requirements for safe operation, maintenance, and guarding of equipment to protect workers from hazards such as electrical shocks, mechanical injuries, and exposure to hazardous substances.

2. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations:

The EPA is responsible for implementing and enforcing environmental regulations in the United States. Although there are no specific regulations for water-lubricated air compressors, the EPA has regulations that govern the discharge of water and other substances into the environment. If the water-lubricated compressor system involves the use of cooling water or generates wastewater, it may be subject to regulations related to water pollution control, water treatment, and proper disposal of wastewater.

3. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards:

The ISO develops international standards that provide guidelines and requirements for various industries and technologies. ISO 8573 is a standard that addresses the quality of compressed air used in different applications. This standard sets limits and specifications for various contaminants in compressed air, including water content. Water-lubricated air compressors need to comply with the requirements of ISO 8573 to ensure the produced compressed air meets the desired quality standards.

4. Manufacturer Guidelines and Recommendations:

In addition to regulatory requirements, it is essential to follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturers of water-lubricated air compressors. Manufacturers typically provide instructions for installation, operation, maintenance, and safety precautions specific to their equipment. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the equipment and to maintain warranty coverage.

It’s important to note that the specific regulations and standards governing water-lubricated air compressors may vary depending on the country or region. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the relevant regulatory agencies, industry organizations, and local authorities to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards in a particular jurisdiction.

By complying with the relevant regulations, standards, and manufacturer guidelines, users of water-lubricated air compressors can ensure the safe and efficient operation of their equipment while minimizing any potential environmental impacts.

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Can Water-Lubricated Air Compressors Be Used in Medical Applications?

Water-lubricated air compressors can be used in certain medical applications, offering specific advantages for these environments. Here are some considerations regarding the use of water-lubricated air compressors in medical settings:

  1. Clean and sterile lubrication: Water is a clean and sterile lubricant, making it suitable for medical applications where maintaining a sterile environment is crucial. Water lubrication helps prevent contamination and ensures the integrity of medical products and procedures.
  2. Reduced risk of oil contamination: Oil-lubricated compressors pose a risk of oil carryover and oil vapor entering the compressed air system. This can be problematic in medical applications, where oil contamination could impact patient safety or interfere with sensitive medical equipment. Water-lubricated compressors eliminate this risk, providing a reliable and oil-free compressed air source.
  3. Compatibility with medical gases: Water-lubricated air compressors are compatible with medical gases such as oxygen or nitrous oxide. Unlike oil lubricants, water does not react or contaminate these gases, ensuring their purity and safety in medical procedures.
  4. Hygienic and easy to clean: Water lubrication simplifies cleaning procedures in medical environments. It does not leave behind sticky residues or require harsh chemicals for cleaning. Water-lubricated compressors can be easily cleaned and maintained, promoting a hygienic and safe medical facility.
  5. Reduced risk of fire hazards: Water has a higher flash point compared to oil lubricants, making water-lubricated compressors safer in terms of fire hazards. In medical settings, where fire safety is critical, using water as a lubricant can provide added peace of mind.
  6. Environmental friendliness: Water is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly lubricant choice. It does not contribute to air or water pollution, aligning with the sustainability goals of medical facilities.

While water-lubricated air compressors offer several advantages for medical applications, it’s important to note that specific requirements and regulations may vary depending on the type of medical procedure or equipment involved. It is advisable to consult with medical professionals or equipment manufacturers to ensure the suitability and compliance of water-lubricated air compressors for specific medical applications.

China best Energy Saving Oil Free Water Lubricated Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor   air compressor partsChina best Energy Saving Oil Free Water Lubricated Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor   air compressor parts
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